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After my husband’s car accident we were hesitant to hire an attorney but knew that we were going to have a lot on our plate with his recovery and a newborn on the way. Craig Swapp & Associates came highly recommended from a family friend so we sought them out and were teamed up with Rachelle and Carol. From the beginning of the case they were transparent about the process and always answered any questions or concerns that arose with Carol responding to all e-mails by the same or next business day. Though an ideal outcome would have resulted in more of a settlement, we never had to worry about anything and that peace of mind was invaluable. Thanks for all of your hard work, Rachelle & Carol!

Emily W.

The Craig Swapp Team helped me understand what I was entitled to after my accident. As they worked my claim, they kept me informed of what was happening and made sure I was included in all the decisions. They didn’t settle for anything less than what I was entitled. I am very pleased with the results.

Cynda B.

I don’t ordinarily write a review on anything let alone on a law firm . But I must, after having Craig Swapp and Associates represent me in a hit and run I was involved in. Being involved in a car accident and having the driver of the other car take off after smashing up my car and injuring me rattled my nerves to no end. I really needed representation that would be uncomplicated and painless, especially after finding out that my uninsured motorist coverage started giving me grief. Craig Swapp and Associates really did begin working on my case after one call and made the whole process painless while at the same time getting me a settlement that I was very happy with. They were very thorough and responsive. I’m glad I made that call!

Julie W.

There are not enough words to express how amazing my attorney, Stephen Redd at Craig Swapp & Associates is. Craig Swapp & Associates were recommended to me. When I came to them, I was very unsure of what would happen. I was severely injured from the auto accident and I needed medical attention. My attorney Stephen Redd jumped in right away and took action. I received the medical treatment I needed. He kept me informed with everything that had to do with my case. Stephen was available every time I had a question or concern. Stephen got my medical bills paid and I received a great settlement award. He handled my legal matter well beyond my satisfaction! Would recommend in a heartbeat!

Kristi S.

My son was in a car accident, and we hired Craig Swapp to help us settle the medical bills. To my surprise, all the bills were paid, and there was a significant chunk of money leftover for us! They took care of the whole process, asking very little of us. I almost didn’t even have to think about it at all. If I were ever in this situation again, I would hire them in a second, and I would recommend that anyone else looking for this kind of help call them immediately.

Steve R.

Lee Peterson at Craig Swapp did an amazing job handling my Auto and personal injury case! I walked away paying no money out of pocket and got a lot more for my claim than expected! I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone who appreciates good communication, Customer care, and people like Lee Peterson who work hard for the client! Couldn’t be happier!

Robert N.

I had the privilege of having my personal injury claim handled by Mr. Swainston and Ms. Marshall both of whom couldn’t have been more helpful in helping me through the decidedly unpleasant experience of being struck by a car. If you’re reading this while considering hiring an attorney for your own claims, I can say without reservation that you need look no further to find the sort of people that will go out of their way to look after you and your best interests.

Avery U.

At 43 years old, I was in my very first auto accident when I was hit by a drunk driver. I had never consulted an attorney for anything, so I was totally out of my comfort zone. “One Call, That’s All” was spot-on for starting the process, and Paul quickly recognized that I was new to this type of experience and regularly kept me in the loop and educated me about the process. I am 100% convinced that Paul represented my best interests and negotiated the highest settlement possible (it was above my expectation). If any of my family or friends are ever in a similar situation, I will definitely recommend they contact Craig Swapp.

Mike S.

My biggest fear, by far, was not understanding the whole process. My prior experiences dealing with insurance companies had always been (and continue to be) negative. I was also concerned that I would be viewed as an opportunist. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I started to realize that there was definitely an injury and I was going to definitely need treatment. My case manager has been amazing and accessible since day one. She has been an emotional supporter. I thank the stars that I made that call.

Jae P.

My biggest fear before calling was what if you wouldn’t take my case? How would medical bills get paid? You just can’t imagine the big relief I felt when I got the call that I had a lawyer. The world lifted off my shoulders! I have nothing but praise for the job they did on reassuring me all would be ok. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Pam D.

My biggest fear was that it would be pointless to pursue legal action in my case. I felt like maybe I didn’t have much of a case. After speaking with Paul, I realize it was not of my own fault and that others can be held responsible for the pain and suffering I went through.

Dollie J.

I was afraid of the fees I would have to pay a lawyer. I waited over a year before hiring your law firm. I finally reached out to your online help where they were able to help me understand the process and what would happen. In all honesty I absolutely loved working with the individuals that were involved in my case. They were genuine & heartfelt about my case. It felt as though they really cared and were concerned about me, not just as a client but as a person.

Lacey P.

I was afraid that my issue was too small to be handled, and that it would just be rejected. Or that I’d end up having to pay for my medical expenses and any of your teams expenses. I would definitely answer yes, it was resolved! I wasn’t ever made out to feel like my little issue didn’t matter, and my expenses were paid for – just what I wanted/needed.

J. Rohas

My biggest fears were that not only the at fault driver’s insurance would not help me but as I got into the process I found out my insurance did not want to help me. After my first call, and definitely after my first visit, all those fears were mostly gone and after several contacts with the office the fears were completely gone.

Fredda M.

Before calling your firm I had two big worries. One was I didn’t want to do more paperwork, and that fear was resolved when I had to do very little, but Craig Swapp and Assoc. did most of it, and when I did have to come in to sign papers they worked around the times I could do it. Worry two was I didn’t want people to think I was “sue-happy” and that I was just out to get money. I just wanted my bills to be paid for that were from the accident, and that was resolved I think by Mr. Wes Mortenson and Theresa because they listened to what I had to say.

Amber W.

Before coming to your firm, all I could see was the chaos and stress in my life that had been multiplied by the accident and the unexpected problems that came out of it. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted from everything that was happening and there was no way I could see to get well or come out on the other end of the tunnel without help. The problems just seemed overwhelming! I really was afraid of losing my health completely. From the first minute I sat down and talked with your firm about what was happening, I felt relief. That may be a small word but what it meant to me was so very much more. Every one needs help sometimes and I’m first to admit that I am reluctant to ask for help. I could not have come out of this mess successfully without the help of Craig Swapp & Associates. You are all first class professionals in my opinion.

Margaret N.

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